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B. Kim Barnes

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I’ll be speaking on "Building Better Ideas: The Value of Constructive Debate" on Sunday, May 15, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM. This is based on my most recent book on the same topic. In the session, you will learn to facilitate collaboration in building more robust ideas that lead to value-creating innovations, encourage and support lively, open discussions and lead culture change that values creative controversy and not political expediency and mediocrity. Hope to see you there! I’ll also be with Barnes & Conti at the Expo, May 16-18, at booth #1522.  


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At the ATD22 International Conference & EXPO you’ll discover new perspectives on developing talent, maximizing potential, and creating strategic transformations that benefit your organizations and your learners. You’ll meet and collaborate with a global community of peers who are also looking to build long-term resiliency in the face of continuing change. You’ll leave inspired with big ideas, practical takeaways, and a powerful network you’ll continue to learn from throughout the year. 
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