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ProMat 2023

About Westfalia Technologies: 

Westfalia excels at designing and delivering customized systems for warehouses and DCs to organize enable inventory, optimize space and increase efficiency. Using comprehensive data analyses, we find practical solutions to your material handling challenges and strive for you to come away with rich information about your business. Westfalia’s high-density AS/RS, controlled by our Savanna.NET® WES, enables companies to seamlessly direct, control and optimize internal material flow and order picking, improve inventory accuracy and throughput rates and increase labor productivity.

How to Future Proof Your Warehouse with a Robust Automated Solution

Tuesday, March 21, 2023  2:15 PM  

The future of warehouse and distribution center automation is here. The success of your operations relies on a properly integrated automated system paired with a customizable software solution. Join us to learn how these systems integrate with the use of comprehensive data analysis, know what to look for in a software provider, and most importantly, how to future proof your warehouses and distribution centers for company growth and success well into the future. Key takeaways from this session include: how to optimize automation for your needs; the importance of an automated system integrated with a flexible software solution; what to look for in a software/WES solution provider and 3 factors to consider and plan for when future proofing your warehouse.   


MARCH 20 - 23, 2023

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