Equipment Manager

The Covey at Big Easy Ranch

Columbus, Texas

The Covey at Big Easy Ranch located in Columbus, Texas is hiring an Equipment Manager to join the team for the first growing season. Opened April of 2023, The Covey sprawls over 250 acres of rolling hills and natural waterways; featuring Tif-Eagle Greens and Zeon Zoysia playing areas. The course pairs nicely with the existing 9-hole par three, The Antler, both designed by Texas Native Chet Williams.


Position Overview:

The Equipment Manager at Big Easy Ranch is an integral part of the Agronomy Team. The qualified candidates must exhibit the ability to lead by example and oversee a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for the golf course assets including a new fleet of equipment, maintenance facility complex, tools, technology, and parts.  


Working alongside the Golf Course Superintendent, the Equipment Manager will be responsible for managing a preventative maintenance program through the John Deere On-Link software. This allows all personnel on staff to be aware of the everyday changes in the field and at the shop. The Equipment Manager will also use the JD On-Link software for recording keeping, labor used on each unit, and the cost of individual parts, repairs, and maintenance.


The focus of this job is on producing high-quality, detailed work based on established standards, guidelines, and procedures. The individual must exercise precise, consistent output, but also be able to think outside the box to provide creative solutions. The individual will be expected to create a supportive, professional environment reflective of the finest facilities in the United States.


Develop the vision, execution, and enhancement of the culture of the maintenance staff. He/she will be a collaborative, hands-on, and service-oriented partner. Creating a professional environment of continuous improvement and learning is critical for success.


Success traits of the individual:

  • Resident expert in equipment service, repair, safety, and facility maintenance
  • Highly engaged, approachable, proactive, and intuitive leader.
  • Takes personal pride in educating, training staff, and ensuring a welcoming and professional environment for Big Easy Ranch employees, members, and guests.
  • Attentive to details, and organizational skills to ensure preventative maintenance schedules are on point.
  • Strong time-management, technology, and organizational skills.
  • Strong communication skills.

Initial Priorities of Position:

  • Establishes quality control in field spot checks on equipment for performance on the course, and makes infield repairs or adjustments to equipment as needed.
  • Creates a preventative maintenance program for all equipment, equipment inventory and identification, digital record keeping, work orders, and R&M budget, ensuring proper record keeping and inventory control.
  • Builds relationships with staff, senior leaders, and local suppliers and technicians.
  • Knowledge and ability to properly maintain cutting units at a very high standard.
  • Keep the state-of-the-art Golf Course Maintenance Facility in working order, clean, and organized.

Key responsibilities, skills, aptitude, and knowledge:


Equipment Maintenance

  • Inspect, diagnose, and repair mechanical or electric issues on all golf course maintenance equipment.
  • Balances equipment repair and preventative maintenance work.
  • Alongside the Assistant Golf Course Superintendent will demonstrate preventive maintenance and the proper cleaning of and safe operation of equipment to all golf course staff.
  • Strong knowledge of the operation of internal combustion engines and mower grinding, sharpening, and adjustments.
  • Excellent working knowledge of applicable state and federal regulations about equipment, petroleum, and all other products used at the maintenance facility.
  • Diagnosis and correction of discrepancies in machinery. 
  • Proficient in interpreting repair manuals, instruction sheets, and hydraulic and electrical schematics.
  • Torching/Welding repairs to equipment. 
  • Inspection, diagnostics, service and repair of all machines and vehicles associated with the Golf Maintenance Department.
  • Communicates with the management team daily to optimize daily operations and conditioning standards. 
  • Ensures optimal quality of cut for all playing surfaces daily.

Budget Management

  • Order, maintain, and track fuel usage by Golf Course Maintenance. 
  • Through the John Deere On-Link software, records equipment and parts inventory purchases, equipment hours and usage, costs of repairs, and preventive maintenance for all equipment.
  • Assists with the budgeting process utilizing historical records 
  • Establishes and maintains budgets for equipment fleet and maintenance complex.
  • Submits necessary purchasing orders.
  • Communicates daily with the golf course team including 30 full-time employees and 5 part-time employees.
  • Profound knowledge of basic computer skills to add information to computerized vehicle maintenance programs.
  • Maintain proper parts inventory levels using programs like electronic fleet management systems.

Professional development

  • Create, manage, and facilitate onboarding for all new employees such as new hire orientation, safety standards, equipment service standards and initial equipment training, maintenance facility cleaning, and organizational standards.
  • Work closely with the management team to develop trainers, providing on-the-job training, along with guidance and oversight of performance benchmarks.
  • Builds relationships with industry suppliers, technicians, and trade schools to provide continuous development for Big Easy Ranch employees.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills with team members and management.
  • Latest trends in grounds equipment industry technology.

Compensation and Benefits: 

  • $90,000 + dependent on experience
  • Health insurance including medical, dental, and vision
  • Life insurance
  • Uniforms
  • Lunch
  • Continued education and association dues
  • Golf, fishing, and sporting clay privileges
  • Paid time off

Preferred Requirements:

  • 3-5 years as a golf course Equipment Manager preferred
  • Minimum of certification in automotive repair, diesel engine or similar fields.
  • Preferred certifications from GCSAA.
  • Strong working knowledge of turf equipment and ability to perform repairs at a high level.
  • Standard work week - 6 days one week 5 Days the next week (45-48 hours a week).