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(includes access to the exhibits and conference sessions)

SpaceGuard Products, Inc.

How do you secure, guard, and protect your people, property, and assets from injuries, costly fines, expensive downtime, and product and intellectual theft?

These questions motivate us at SpaceGuard Products to improve our solution offerings for physical barriers and security guarding solutions.

Manufacturing, warehousing, and order fulfillment centers are adapting rapidly to meet customer demand. Companies are challenged to find new ways to improve efficiencies, productivity, and security with an aging and diverse workforce.

Our mission is to help you improve the security of your facilities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical, data/collocation, distribution centers, and mixed-use properties.

We create a safe space between your equipment and personnel while meeting industry standards.

Robotic & Machine Guarding

At PromatDX, we're excited to announce the launch of our NEW Robotic and Machine Guarding Product Line!

This new product line will be simple to order and has fewer steps to install than other products on the market. It'll meet and exceed RIA 15.06-1999 American National Standard for industrial robots and Robot Systems.

We can't unveil many details yet. But we invite you to join us at our Robotic & Automated Work Cell Guarding demo at PromatDX.

However, we can tell you our new robotic guarding system provides a more intuitive and straightforward yet structurally sound design. It's easy to install with the necessary access points and safeguards to protect your assets.

This new system provides you with readily available products and quick-ship options. When it comes to your automated facility, we offer comprehensive robotic and machine guarding solutions at an affordable price.

Facility Asset Control Cage Systems

In the manufacturing, order fulfillment distribution facilities, and warehouses, moving and storing high valued material and packages are essential. We manufacture wire mesh cages to control building access for high-security items as electronics, bonded material, DEA compliant material—pharmaceuticals, vaccines, specialty drugs, weapons, and evidence storage.

We design our wire partitions using universal standard parts. They're flexible, enabling you to incorporate automated gate closers, access control lock options, and reach extended heights.  

Protecting your building infrastructures like ceiling columns, walls, HVAC, pipes, and sprinkler systems is critical to keeping your operation running at full capacity. Infrastructure downtime is not an option in today's competitive environment.  

We also secure companies' intellectual property and cloud-based services by providing physical protection from unauthorized access and intellectual theft. The largest data center providers and government facilities in the world trust our wire mesh cages.

Rack Guarding & Safety Systems

With 80% of industrial storage on pallet racks, what prevents workplace accidents, product and equipment damage, and theft from occurring? 

Customers with racks in their facility will find comprehensive rack guarding, safety, and security solutions with recognizable industry brands such as BeastWire and Rack Avenger. Our rack safety systems improve facility safety and reduce product theft.

With innovative designs, our brands secure stored material in racks. We also offer products that stop pallets from extending too far past the back pallet beam. Plus, we can replace and fix damaged rack uprights and protect your facility's infrastructure. 

When incorporating BeastWire panels to the back of your rack uprights, we have several different bracket mounting styles. Also, you can integrate our new pallet stop with wire mesh panels and bracket system.

APRIL 12-16, 2021



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In these unprecedented times, supply chain solutions are more critical to business success than they have ever been. To answer this call, MHI created the ProMat Digital Experience (ProMatDX), a new digital event experience designed to power up manufacturing and supply chain professionals with critical access to the latest solutions they need now to improve the resiliency and agility of their operations.


ProMatDX combines the power of the connections, solution-sourcing and education that only ProMat can deliver with the latest digital event technology in a five-day event that will be the most important week of 2021 for the manufacturing and supply chain industry.


Attending ProMatDX is your unrivaled opportunity in 2021 to find solutions, connect with your peers and leading solution-providers and learn the latest trends and technologies that will take your supply chain to the next level of success.

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Only at ProMatDX, you can:

  • Experience the latest solutions from over 400 of the leading solution providers in product showcases including live chat and digital product demos of the latest technologies and innovations
  • Learn the latest ideas driving resiliency and efficiency in thought-provoking keynotes and in more than 100 digital seminars on emerging technologies like IoT, AI, robotics and automation
  • Connect with solutions tailored to your specific needs with AI-matchmaking and request personalized video meetings with you and your team to take a deeper dive with solution-providers of your choice
  • Build strong business partnerships with suppliers from around the world

If it's your job to innovate your manufacturing and supply chain operations, you can't afford to miss ProMatDX - April 12-16.

(includes access to the exhibits and conference sessions)