Join Idealliance in booth #3236 at Printing United Exposition 2021! 

Idealliance is a transformational industry association for print and packaging, working with brand owners, content and media creators, agencies, designers, material suppliers, OEMs, technology developers, and service providers around the world. We serve the graphic communication industry by creating superior industry training and certification programs, developing professional standards and specifications, and redefining workflows for the entire print and packaging supply chain. Become a member of Idealliance and transform the way you work—forever.

PRINTING United Expo is set to be the first significant gathering of the industry in two years, making this year’s show more important than ever.


2021 will be the year of big changes, and PRINTING United Expo dares you to think BIGGER for the future. As the unpredictable and uncertain events of the past year caused us all to reevaluate our businesses, the PRINTING United Expo will help you discover solutions for not just the printing industry, but the world.

The Expo will be the catalyst to drive business forward by gathering the community together at the first all-segment, in-person event in two years. Networking with your peers, discovering new solutions, attending educational sessions to set new strategies, and much more will happen in Orlando. Catapult your business into the next era with confidence as an important part of something BIG. In Orlando BIG will take the shape of more than 1 million square feet of printing greatness.


It’s been a while since you left the office or the home office. And PRINTING United Expo knows that when you’re ready to hit the road again it needs to be worthwhile. Make BETTER use of your time by traveling to only one show where you have access to all printing industry segments on one show floor.

At the PRINTING United Expo, exhibitors and attendees have a home to engage and explore a full range of solutions. The community can utilize the full PRINTING United Expo platform which includes three components—a digital pre-show platform, 3-day live event, and a post-show wrap-up. This means serious ROI for all involved. Greater access, more solutions—even BETTER than before.



The printing community thrives on collaboration, unity, and togetherness as cross-segment opportunities ensure the success of the entire industry. OEMs, suppliers, printers, media, and analysts are constantly working to advance and reignite our proud and magnificent community. It has been difficult to be away from one another, and we know that it’s time to responsibly and safely bring the printing community TOGETHER again.

As we come TOGETHER again under one roof in Orlando, we will ensure a bright, safe, and successful future for the next generation of printing.