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Dale M Reid Photography


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Dale M Reid Photography is exhibiting at Dwell on Design 2018. This invitation provides you with a complimentary 1 day pass to be our guest at the event. The world of design collides in Los Angeles at Dwell on Design - a four day inspiring experience for design and architecture professionals and design enthusiasts.




Dwell on Design | 5-7 April 2018, Los Angeles CA

Dale M Reid Photography

Photographer Dale M Reid uses darkroom techniques to imbue her botanical subjects with unimaginable personality and emotion presenting their unique voices and stories. Reid’s studies utilize elements to produce sensual and whimsical portraits in high contrast with a keen eye for texture, form, and framing. Once having to juggle her photography and finance careers, Reid was able to shape her distinct artistic voice, inspired in part by her own experiences as a transgender woman.

Join Dale M Reid Photography at booth # 1210 at Dwell on Design 2018, April 5-7. 

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